HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT YOGA MAT  Wherever you practice, a proper yoga mat is essential. Working on a rug, slippery towel or overly-soft gym cushion can lead to injury and frustration. While there are many options available, the vast majority of yoga mats work perfectly well for any style of yoga. That said, understanding the differences will help you select a mat that fits your personal needs.

Cotton Yoga Mats Ones to Consider When it comes to buying and using a yoga mat the majority of people will choose the rubber mats because they are much easier to clean and offer much support for the person’s knees and feet. However there are definitely a few benefits to choosing cotton yoga mats for your posing and practice. The purpose of this site section is not to inform you of the many benefits of choosing these softer mats; but rather it is to allow you to see which brand and models literally dominate the yoga market and offer the best cotton yoga mats.


There are a few things that you should be considering when buying a piece of yoga equipment. You should be paying attention to the durability of the mat quality of the cotton/rubber ability to biodegrade over time and average life span of the equipment Many people will blindly buy the best yoga accessory that they can find; however this will only probably leave them disappointed with the product!

Cotton Yoga Mats Are Not Meant for Hot Yoga They Don’t Cooperate With Excessive Sweat One of the main things that you will do in hot yoga is sweat! You will literally sweat litre of water in as little as an hour’s worth of posing! Put simply I cringe when I think of nearly a litre of sweat dropping onto a cotton mat because I know that the sweat will be absorbed by the mat. One of the main benefits of the rubber that is used in the majority of yoga mats is that they can be easily wiped off with a towel and some spray. However the sweat that drips onto the cotton of the mat will be stuck in there until you put it through the washing machine!

The MindBodyBliss Cotton Yoga Mat 15 Costly But Worth Every Penny mats. With that being said Yoga Accessories sells an amazing set of yoga mats with a diamond pattern across the bottom. In addition these diamond pattern yoga mats contain frilly tails on either end of the mats. Not only will this attract the positive attention of your yoga instructor but it will also help you to focus on your yoga poses because you will feel comfortable being on a yoga mat that everyone else adores. Yoga is a sport in which the individual must feel comfortable to be successful. The reason thatI have chosen all of these cotton yoga mats is because they will make you feel comfortable for an affordable price. There are a ton of different designs to choose from; however you must always remember that you should feel comfortable (above everything else) while posing on your yoga mat. You could have the best looking mat in the country but it will annoy you throughout the yoga practice if you cannot get comfortable on it.